Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering

Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering: Arenal Tours

Refreshment and Snacks + Full Lunch + door to door transportation.

Times available: 7:30am, 10:00am & 1:00pm

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- GO BIG in the Lost Canyon! Costa Rica's best multi-sport adventure near the Arenal Volcano!

We get many requests from visitors who want to experience the REAL Costa Rica --- they want to get wet in tropical waterfalls, immerse themselves deep in the jungle and push their limits! That's what the Lost Canyon is all about -- it's one of La Fortuna's best-kept secrets full of different kinds of adventures. You'll be rappelling down huge waterfalls, jumping into pools, zipping your way down on guided rappels, river tracing along the canyon, down-climbing the canyon walls and river boulders and hiking up through the rainforest. We pack all kinds of adventure into the best canyoning experience in Costa Rica!

Door-to-door service: We provide door-to-door service and pick you up at your hotel. Your friendly guide will give you a quick briefing about what you'll expect from this canyoning experience as you make your way past La Fortuna to the entrance of the mountain-top community of Santa Gertrudis just 10 minutes outside of town at the outskirts of the Children's Eternal Rainforest.

Jungle Limos: Desafio Adventure Company uses top of the line, rugged Land Cruiser all-terrain trucks we like to call our "Jungle Limos" -- it's a bumpy ride up the mountain, but you'll have the best views of the quaint community and lush gardens of this area from our specially-equipped Jungle Limos!

Lost Canyon Ops Center: After a fun, 25-minute ride in your Jungle Limo, you arrive to the Lost Canyon Ops Center and be greeted by the Desafio Adventure guides. You will get suited up with high-quality canyoneering gear such as an Edelrid helmet and Sit Work harness. Is canyoning safe in Costa Rica? Your professional guides will give you a full safety talk and remind you that we only have 2 rules at Desafio Adventure Company: 1) Be Safe and 2) Have Serious Fun! After your Canyoneering 101 crash course, complete with safety instructions, demonstrations, a practice session and lots of laughs, we head to the starting point of the Lost Canyon. And did you know that the Lost Canyon got its name because when the Desafio owners Suresh and Christine were exploring the Lost Canyon, it was so lost it wasn't even found on the topographical maps at the time!

Baby steps: Start off the rappelling-leg of your canyoning journey with the first waterfall referred to as the "Baby" -- a small-sized 10-ft waterfall that allows you to practice and ease your way into learning the ropes - literally!

Just LET GO!: You will then hike deep into the rocky terrain of the wet and wild rainforest, surrounded by huge rocks, trees, and flowing streams. You’ll soon reach what we fondly call the “Big Boy” -- the second largest waterfall. Imagine this: there you are, on a sturdy platform looking down into the depths of a massive 150-ft tropical waterfall. You’ll start off by rappelling down the rock face and about half way through you’ll hear “LET GO!” – a few moments later you’ll have experienced your first guided, adrenaline pumping free fall!

This is when you will realize that this really is an experience of a lifetime!

More than just rappelling: Canyoneering in the Lost Canyon of Costa Rica is more than just rappelling -- it’s a full body work out! Use your arms, legs, and hands to climb through Mother Nature’s obstacle course! You’ll be jumping into pools, sliding down a natural water slide, sitting under waterfalls, pulling yourself up some rocks and helping yourself down others.

The waterfalls keep getting bigger and BIGGER in the Lost Canyon! As you make your way through the four rappels, you’ll notice your strength and confidence keeps getting stronger and stronger… good thing, because the waterfalls keep getting bigger and BIGGER. You will finish your adventure with a 200ft waterfall drop -- rappelling part of the way and then letting go of the reins to experience another guided free fall drop! Talk about adrenaline! You'll be wanting even more rappels at the end of this amazing adventure!

Worth the hike! As we hike back up the rainforest canyon, you’ll be invited to take your time and enjoy the serenity of the Costa Rica rainforest. It normally takes about 10 minutes, but many people take longer, stopping every so often to soak in this unique experience. At the top, change into your dry clothes and head up to the Canyon Café where there will be a well-deserved homemade lunch waiting for you! And be sure to smile for the camera because we have some paparazzi hidden out in the forest to catch you in the height of emotion and you'll be eager to buy the photos of you doing such a cool adventure in Costa Rica at the end of the tour!

Warrior Buffet: Settle in for your best meal in Costa Rica at our famous WARRIOR BUFFET full of delicious, home-cooked food - and as we say in Costa Rica: "No Artificial Ingredients!"

• Clothes to get wet in
• Change of clothes
• Secure shoes
• Sense of adventure
• A big smile
• Tour guide
• Lunch
• Transport
• 7:30am
• 10:00am
• 1:00pm
• 4 Hrs
• 13-60 Years

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