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From San Jose downtown and from San Jose to Penas Blancas we have Collective Shared Shuttles, Private Services.

Please find right below complete information. You will be able to make reservations and pay online right away by clicking on the "BOOK NOW" button or if you have questions and comments please send them all by clicking on the "INQUIRE" button.


Collective Shared Shuttle:

Shuttle Rate:

1 pax $169

2 pax $218

3 pax $367

Morning Departure: 8:00am

Afternoon Departure: 3:55pm

Service Description: (Shuttle San Jose to Penas Blancas)

Shared Collective Shuttles have 2 departures per day, in the morning and in the afternoon from San Jose to Penas Blancas. This is a 5 hours drive from San Jose Airport area to Penas Blancas. 30 minutes more if the pick up is from San Jose Downtown.

*** (this service operates with 2 passengers minimum for $55 per person)


Private VIP Service:

Private Service Rate:

$340 for the service from 1 up to 6 passengers / 5 hrs drive

Service Description: (Private Service San Jose to Penas Blancas)

This is a private service with your own driver and own vehicle door to door. At the time of your election our driver will go to the location of your preference to pick you up from there you will be assisted. If needed we will stop in a restaurant, supermarket or drugstore.

Rate for the service, not person. from 1 up to 6 passengers. Rates vary depending on your drop off location and if the service is operated between 6pm and 6am.





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Peñas Blancas is a busy border crossing (h 6am-10pm Mon-Sat, to 8pm Sun), which can be a major hassle at peak times. Avoid trying to cross the border in the days leading up to major holidays.

You won’t be charged to exit or enter Costa Rica, but entering and leaving Nicaragua costs US$10. Driving a car across the border is another $27, but most car-rental companies in Costa Rica won’t allow you to cross borders; check before you sign your contract. Alternatively, leave your car in the ‘no-man’s-land’ parking area between borders. Banks on either side will change local colones and córdobas for dollars but, inconveniently, not for each other. Independent money changers will happily make the exchange for you – at whatever rates they feel like setting.

The border posts are about 1km apart. Hordes of generally useless touts will offer to ‘guide’ you through the simple crossing – let them carry your luggage if you like, but agree on a fee beforehand. You’ll also be charged US$1 to enter the state of Rivas. Should you have any hard currency left at this point, there’s a fairly fabulous duty-free shop waiting for you in Sapoá, the Nicaraguan equivalent of Peñas Blancas.

Relax with your purchases on the 37km bus ride (US$1, 45 minutes), departing every 30 minutes, to Rivas. The city is a quiet transport hub, though its well-preserved 17th century center is worth exploring (think a more run-down version of Granada without all the crowds).

If you’re good at bargaining (and you will have to bargain hard), there are a number of taxis waiting on the Nicaraguan side of the border to whisk you to Rivas (US$30).


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