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From San Jose downtown and from San Jose Airport to Rio Perdido, we have Collective Shared Shuttles, Private Services.

Please find right below complete information. You will be able to make reservations and pay online right away by clicking on the "BOOK NOW" button or if you have questions and comments please send them all by clicking on the "INQUIRE" button.


Collective Shared Shuttle:

Shuttle Rate:

1 pax $169

2 pax $218

3 pax $367

Morning Departure: 8:15am

Afternoon Departure: 3:55pm Perdido

Service Description: (Shuttle San Jose to Rio Perdido)

Shared Collective Shuttles have 2 departures per day, in the morning and in the afternoon from San Jose to Rio Perdido at Bagaces. This is a 4 hours drive from San Jose Airport area to Rio Perdido.


Private VIP Service: (departing any time of your election)

Private Service Rate:

$280 for the service from 1 up to 6 passengers / 3.5 hrs drive Perdido

Service Description: (Private Service San Jose to Rio Perdido)

This is a private service with your own driver and own vehicle door to door. At the time of your election our driver will go to the location of your preference to pick you up from there you will be assisted. If needed we will stop in a restaurant, supermarket or drugstore.

Rate for the service, not person. from 1 up to 6 passengers. Rates vary depending on your drop off location and if the service is operated between 6pm and 6am.

You will be drop off directly at the location of your preference. Advance reservations required


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Spectacular sights and inspiring activities are all just steps from your forest bungalow.
We aim to bring you a unique experience in undisturbed nature and - at the same time - provide the perfect environment for you to feel what it means to truly rest.


Thermal Canyon & Springs

The centrepiece of the 600-acre private reserve is the Rio Perdido, which means “lost river”. This 150-foot, thermo-mineral gorge that draws energy from deep magma flows, will cast its spell on anyone that descends to its magical waters for the first time. It's a completely natural and inspiring setting, unlike any other place on the planet.

Along the riverbed, there are 8 registered springs, from which over 4000 gallons of hot water emanate every minute. At these points, the water is a bit too hot for more than a dip of the foot. But as a result of the spring water mixing with the river’s flow, we have been blessed with dozens of soothing pools, of varying temperatures, that are absolutely perfect for prolonged bathing. And, just upstream from the springs zone, you can actually swim in cool water. In this unique area, you can literally jump between hot and cold mineral water.

Along the Rio Perdido, grows a beautiful forest of Ron Ron, Ojoche, Nispero, Jobo, Ceibo, and Espavel trees that boast canopy heights upwards of 160 feet. This scene makes for a strong contrast with the dwarf forest that grows outside and above the canyon. So there are two very distinct ecosystems occurring adjacent to eachother. The canyons behave like long oases, cutting through the arid forest. This has given way to a very interesting mix of local fauna. You are guaranteed to see all sorts of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

The trail circuit and a series of bridges, including a 200ft hanging bridge that connects the hotel to the reserve, allow visitors with a sense of exploration to taylor their own unique adventure, each day. There are dozens of destinations within The Reserve. You can opt for a short and easy walk to the Yurro Waterfall or you can challenge yourself with a hike up to Las Tumbas. Read more about the myriad of options in our section on hiking.

The Rio Perdido Story

We are adventurers. We explore our Costa Rica because of this passion. When we first came to the San Bernardo Lowlands – to this rare and quintessential dwarf forest – we were marveled. There we stood, atop a raised peninsula, formed by two converging canyons, where the cool Rio Blanco meets the hot waters of Rio Perdido and a third affluent, adding a final touch of perfection, pours its waters over 100 feet into the tepid convergence point. In so many years of traversing the land…of making it into every little nook…how had we missed this?

We soon found that even the vast majority of residents of Bagaces County had never seen this amazing place. A few old-timers shared their opinions; they explained why these canyons had managed to remain out of the light. A simple bridge that connected this unique area to the nearby populated zones and the country’s federal roadway system had fallen decades back and, because there were already modern, alternate routes to the more important rural spots, the bridge was never replaced…and this particular route was basically lost.

As we continued to explore the immediate area, we started to find small pieces of shattered ceramic on or just below the surface land. With help from curators from the National Museum, we were able to categorize these pieces as authentic Chorotega artifacts. And so, it became apparent that we were rediscovering an ancient destination that was appreciated and enjoyed by civilizations dating back hundreds of years. This amazing canyon where hot water emanates from under boulders or simply gushes from the rocky walls was an important gathering place, no doubt.

As a final note, the trees growing within these canyons are huge. They have a yearlong source of nutritional, mineralized water, and grow up to 10 times taller than the dwarf trees on the parched soil above. These canopies can be just about as tall as the canyon itself. So, in the wet season, when all of the foliage is dense and green, the serpentine canyon practically disappears from view. Even a bird flying above the very canyon could miss the camouflaged river. It is, indeed, a lost river…Rio Perdido.

We were inspired and thus, set out on a new project, devoting years of work to making this treasure accessible to visitors in a sustainable way that would never compromise its beauty. We were able to fit all of the key service elements into one main building, in three areas that comprise less than 1% of the total land. Our team used almost all of the existing circulation paths, preventing the clearing of forest.

We removed domesticated and farm animals from the land and we have stopped the logging that occurred with previous owners, allowing for an accelerated rebalancing of the local ecosystem. Most of the wood used in the project was farmed under license and quite a bit has come from amazing fallen sources. We currently have 350 acres under contract with the national forestry protection agency and we aim to increase that number as we go forth with our operative phase.

For us, sustainable practices are not bred from image campaigns or from a marketing strategy. It is an innate duty…a way of life. As we continuously learn from our environment, from our neighbors, and from our guests, we passionately reciprocate with what we hope are valuable contributions. In this website, we have set aside some important space to convey to you a general look at said practices. Feel free to read from them

At Rio Perdido, we have created an experience for our visitors; simply by allowing people to get the most out of a beautiful and historic place that was naturally created over time.


Rio Perdido is a Platinum property. One of the very few in America to receive this certification for its exemplary practices in sustainable operation.

Environmental Commitment

A couple of years ago, when we commenced our construction planning and set out to convert several kilometers of rough trail into a smooth and safe gravel road, our engineer’s initial report called for the cutting of over 300 trees. Through a bit of compromise and successful reengineering, we reduced this number to less than 40 small trees. Simultaneously, with the guidance of ecologists and forestry engineers, we began with the planting of diverse native species that have successfully rooted. Overall, thousands of trees have been planted, thus far. Satellite imagery clearly reveal the great success of our reforestation efforts.

Many of the surrounding properties are quite large and used for the raising of livestock. We make a strong effort in keeping Rio Perdido impenetrable to roaming cows and sheep that, naturally, do not distinguish between grass and valuable saplings that are essential to one of our main goals: the accelerated and carefully overseen rebalancing of this very rare and specific ecosystem.

Even though pure water is bountiful at Rio Perdido, we still consider it our most precious resource. We have deep wells and natural springs that access a practically unlimited source of hot water. Beyond the comprehensive testing that we have carried out with important laboratories and government agencies, we are conscious of our natural resources and thus, we will never significantly tap into the respective capacities of our wells.

As far as powering our project: it is worth noting that 100% of our electrical energy comes from the Miravalles Geothermal Power Plant. Furthermore: even though the cheapest and easiest option for backup energy is diesel-powered generation, we have chosen to rely on natural gas for our backup supply, as well as for kitchen appliances and laundry equipment. Natural gas not only burns cleaner, but it also relies on a quieter combustion mechanism than diesel does.

While we could continue describing our many efforts in preservation for many more paragraphs we will encourage you to ask us about any of these efforts or any other related topic that is not mentioned on the site by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by getting involved on the Rio Perdido Facebook Page. Also, you may like reading a brief entry about the "Triple Bottom Line" on Wikipedia.

Sustainable F&B practices

As mentioned in The Restaurant section, we make every effort to stay local with our providers. Quality and freshness is never compromised. Food handling practices are optimum and our kitchen is carefully designed to maintain an efficient operation and to meet strict sanitary standards.

This year, we will finally commence with our permaculture project. By 2016, we will produce our own organically grown herbs, spices, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

While we have backup municipal water, we well our own potable water and we do not resort to chlorination. Our water is regularly tested and results have always indicated that it is very healthy water, with ideal mineralization. Nevertheless, for all potable water, we still resort to a 3-tier purification procedure, simply to assure that all of our guests consume the purest water possible…of a true, medicinal grade.

Smart Architecture

We have designed the property’s structures with the help of amazing design and engineering firms. Through proper insulation and the passive channeling of natural air currents (a difficult task because the cited air flows vary in direction and intensity with each season), we avoid wasting precious energy without compromise to our guests’ comfort.

Our Community

We are proud and active members of the San Bernardo community. Even before we were set on devising the project, we were supporting the San Bernardo Elementary School with much needed equipment. We have recently become involved with the only local recycling company; a family-run project that can serve as a positive example for other recycling efforts around the world…and for anyone who ever thought that their resources might have been insufficient to carry out something meaningful.

Since the local economy had been historically limited to simple agriculture and the government’s geothermal powerplant (a large scale generator of clean electrical energy), we thought it would be ideal to broaden the community’s employment opportunities by offering free English lessons taught by Mr. Edwin Meyers, a native English speaker with a proper teaching background. For over a year now, this has been a successful venture, with many regular students that take their learning seriously.

It is with pride that we can say that 90% of our team is from Bagaces, a county that has not seen much tourism, ever.

The allure of Rio Perdido brings to town conscious tourism. We participate in local festivals and we have been investing our time and funds with the local municipality (Municipalidad de Bagaces). As our operative phase matures, we hope that our financial stability will allow us to increase and diversify our involvement in such efforts.

The Workshop and
Artisan Store

The workshop is the result of sweeping the country in search of beautiful and unique products, created from scratch by talented artists and artisans. Nothing here is mass produced and no two items are identical. We give priority to creators that operate consciously, wether they make children’s toys from remnants of cloth from the fashion and furniture industries, or they roast delicious coffee from small and organic plantations, or they make accessories from recycled plastic bags. Nothing that you see at the workshop will be common or cliché. This is not a store where you buy a last-moment item to hopefully meet somebody’s expectations back home. What we offer our visitors is a piece of the true and present CR; something special that you can take back to your home, wherever it may be…and remember, savour, enjoy.


Flexible occupancy bungalow

While the feel of each bungalow is distinct, all of them offer the same features and amenities. The 36m2 (400sq ft.) consist of a cozy but very comfortable bedroom + bathroom and an elevated terrace. The rooms have two twin beds on industrial rollers. This design allows them to be brought together so as to form a king-sized bed. One of these beds also has a trundle underneath, which is perfect for a third adult or a child. The room can accommodate a person travelling alone…honeymooners, parents with up to 1 children (4 -11) years and 1 baby or toddler (0 - 3 years), parents with up 1 children (12 – 16 years). Hence, the term “flexible occupancy”.

Continuing with the idea of a flexible space, opposite from the beds there is a multiuse element which serves as a mini bar / coffee station, a desk area, a multimedia area (further described, below), and a closet area.

The mentioned terrace was designed to be an ideal place for sitting back, reading a book, enjoying a fresh drink, or simply admiring the landscape from a comfy hammock. The terrace is integrated with the entry, so you are allured into getting familiar with said, delightful spot…from the get-go.

For those who simply can’t leave technology out of the equation (even in a place like this!), rooms are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet, Cable TV, and a high-efficiency air conditioning system.

We have designed a very functional bathroom; while there is no wasted space, it is quite comfortable. Materials and designs have been crafted specifically for this project. The counter is a combo of polished concrete with inlaid recycled glass bottles and stone. The bathrooms are fitted with premium plumbing as part of our effort to meet the highest sanitary standards and maintain optimal functionality. The main mirror is lit from its sides and also by hanging fixtures, assuring ideal lighting for makeup application, shaving… or simple self-admiration! Floor to ceiling sandblasted windows insure optimal privacy and great natural illumination, at the same time. Showers are finished with special ceramic tile and lots of glass; this forges a sense of pleasant openness.


The 20 Bungalows at Rio Perdido feature:

  • Two twin beds or a king size bed, upon request
  • Additional "trundle" twin bed
  • Day sofa
  • Coffee maker
  • Mini bar
  • Flat screen smart TV, with premium IP channel feed and multiple slots
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron and ironing board, upon request
  • Free wireless internet
  • New-generation, high-efficiency air conditioning
  • Telephone with IDD
  • Smartphone or music player base (30-pin and 3.5mm inputs)
  • Safe
  • Cribs available, upon request
  • Two accessible rooms (ADA and Costa Rica law 7600 regulations)


Rooms for the handicapped

The project has two bungalows that meet the highest standards for use by the physically disabled. These units fulfill the requirements set forth by Costa Rican law 7600 (equal opportunities for people with disabilities) and they also meet US hospitality standards. The rooms do not feel very different than the rest. There are metal bars that are installed adjacent to the toilet and inside the shower. Also the toilet, the sink, and certain other elements have been installed at the optimal height to be accessed by a person in a wheelchair.

Doorways have a minimum opening of 1m (3.3ft) and circulation areas allow for a 1.5m (5ft) minimum radius. Access to the elevated bungalows is carried out via an elevated pathway with a very light gradient, insuring safe ascents and descents.

Lighting is designed to be perceived optimally in every corner of the room, as it is in the outdoor, circulation area, among the bungalows. Emergency lighting has also been elaborated under international standards.

Canyon Adventure

While Costa Rica has dozens of “canopy tours,” with hundreds of zip-lines, we have truly innovated with our Canyon Adventure. Under the guidance of renowned adventure designers, we have created a sequence that will please and surprise. Our inspiring Rio Blanco canyon is the main stage for the awesome cable-based adventure, which includes:

  • 15 platforms: 6 of them are rock-based, 9 are suspended on the canyon walls
  • A pendulum cable
  • A 50ft “Tarzan swing”
  • A 90ft challenge bridge
  • 4 via ferratas* with lengths varying from 15 to over 30ft
  • 5 zip lines with lengths varying from 260 to over 800ft
  • Full access to the thermal hot springs and canyon
  • Thermal pools & decks
  • Hiking trails
  • Water station in the middle of the circuit


Yurro Waterfall

Less than 1km out and back. This is a short and mild hike on a relatively flat, yet attractive trail that takes you across the main hanging bridge. The destination is the top of a waterfall. Note that the Yurro's slate base may be dry from jan to may, but it is always beautiful. Please do not walk on the rocks as there are steep and slippery sections.


The Medicinal Spring

2.5km out and back. A relatively flat trail that takes you beyond the Yurro Waterfall, through the Miravalles dry forest and then to a denser and taller forest where the spring and streams are located. Old-time residents of the Montano and Santa Fe areas consider this water to have healing properties. It actually tastes a bit like alka-seltzer. Our constant lab testing has produced interesting results. The water's peculiar taste is due to the high concentrations of diluted magnesium.


Mesa Norte - Panoramic Lookout

3.5km out and back. This walk starts off with a soft ascent and then offers a steeper climb for the last 250m (800 feet), before you get to the small, flat mesa. From the top you can see all of the Guanacaste volcanoes, including Miravalles, Rincon de la Vieja, and Tenorio. Because of the complete absence of artificial illumination, this is an amazing place from which to stargaze, see the lit domes that represent the distant urban centers, and appreciate 360 degrees of undisturbed nature under the moonlight.

Las Tumbas - Panoramic Lookout

5km out and back with the option of a 8-10km loop for those desiring a more challenging hike. The views are comparable if not more impacting than those you can appreciate from Mesa Norte, but night hikes to Las Tumbas are prohibited, for your safety. The eroded volcanic rock formations in this area are amazing. We strongly recommend that you request one of our well-trained guides.


Amazing authentic food with fresh, local ingredients. Expect dining to be more than just keeping the blood sugar balanced, as our talented chef, creates inspired recipes, while respecting the integrity of local culinary tradition.

Our Chief of F+B has this innate creative mastery combining simple ingredients in World class recipes. In the kitchen, our chef leads a team that includes several locals, born and bred in tiny San Bernardo. These individuals add an invaluable rural knowhow to the mix.

We don’t believe in simply ordering supplies from one provider that hauls everything hundreds of miles on a truck. We look for local farms with amazing produce and international handling standards. Food should be safe, delicious, and even healing. Food should be respected.

To read more about our Sustainable Food and Beverage Practices, please visit our sustainability section.

With the help of passionate (and renown) architects we have created a special restaurant atmosphere that dissipates the mid-day’s heat without the need of inefficient air conditioning or noisy fans. Complementing the amazing food, our restaurant offers panoramic views from almost any point. There’s a place to lounge and a bar that offers international favorites as well as locally inspired cocktails; signature drinks that you will not find elsewhere, at least for now.

“Intimate dinner under the stars”

Rio Perdido is located in a unique area that boasts the least annual cloud-cover of any other spot in Costa Rica. Combined with the fact that we do not over-illuminate, this gives us perfect evening views of the starry sky. So we have decided to offer our guests the option of a special dinner on the Floating Platform, 160ft above the river convergence and below the evening sky. This dinner offers a special menu that varies nightly and can be tailored for each one of our guests. Please contact reception for more details.


Preferred partners & suppliers