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This was an amazing experience! We knew we were not going to drive ourselves in Costa Rica, especially from Monteverde. Yikes! Initially, we thought we would take the bus, from Monteverde, through San Jose to Manuel Antonio. A very long trip. Then I found Interbus. Soooooo great. The shuttle picked us up at our hotel, drove us directly to our hotel in Manuel Antonio. Comfortable, convenient, very enjoyable. But that is not the best part. During the confusion of checking, unloading luggage, looking around aimlessly, my husband and I got confused about payment. I forgot I had prepaid, and my husband “forced” payment on the driver. The driver could find nothing that said we owed, but we insisted that we did. After check-in on a Saturday evening, I looked up to make sure we had paid the correct amount and found the receipt for pre-payment. I sent an email to your company, after business hours, and prepared to wait for forms to be filled out, explanations and possibly disputes to be ironed out. The NEXT day, on a SUNDAY, I went to the hotel desk, and waiting there was a cash refund of the money we had paid the driver. I love your company. I love your country!
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I don’t know how you could make this clearer, but as someone used to hauling luggage through city streets to bus stops or train stations it was very difficult for me to comprehend that your shuttles were door to door from hotels. I had to be told several times before I would believe it.
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